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GPS/GPRS/GSM Motocycle/Vehicle Tracker

*Real-time tracking

*Movement/speeding alarm

*Power failure alarm


*ACC detection

*SOS alarm

*Remote voice monitoring

*Remote control oil and circuit

*Anti-removal function with internal battery

*Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm

TK602, powerful, fleet management


Image two

Free wiring, built-in battery, GPS

*5000 milliamperes large capacity battery

*More than 60 days standby

*Automatic continuous positioning

*Electronic fence

*Movement alert

*Speed alarm

*Vibration alarm

TAX300, no wiring, can be placed anywhere.


Image three

Child / elderly / disabled / pet care / valuables

*Car rental / small fleet management.

*Outdoor sports, personal safety.

*Personnel management, tracking and positioning.

*Powerful magnet

*A hidden alarm

*Electronic fence

*Movement alert

*Speed alarm

*Long standby

*Waterproof and dustproof

DA109, Small size, easy to carry.